English Improv Class

Improv in English is finally happening

Иностранные языки

English Improv Class – is a class that would fully cover the traditions, techniques, and knowledge of Improv Theater, combining American and British schools of thought in Saint-Petersburg.
A class is like yoga for social skills – it develops a very inclusive way of communication between people, who are fully present and engaged in the unknown world, that they are creating at the moment for themselves.

The process of learning consists of constant practice, exercises, games and scenes with a possible showcase in the future.

As a result of the Improv course, students will raise the awareness of
themselves, of their strengths and weaknesses and won’t be afraid of communicating their ideas in English, or in Russian.

The goals for a longer course include:
- Increased public speaking abilities
- Increased concentration, ability to listen
- Fostered creativity, enhanced reflexes
- Developed teamwork skills
- Awareness of experienced emotions and the ability to manage them through the prism of one’s role.
Outcome: The course is designed not only to reach the above-mentioned goals but also to put them together in a form of improvised play in front of the audience, live. 

All the activities within the course, as well are designed to enhance students’ soft skills, such as communication, public speaking, presentation, oratory skills, acting, rhythm, fantasy, ability to fail gracefully, following the fear, and making each other look good. Students are going to experience how to be more confident, how to trust your inner self, how to listen and hearing


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Последнее прошло 26 апреля 2021 в 19:00

Малый Проспект П.С 89 (2 этаж, Menshov Studio) *вход через аптеку
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